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Video—download to view beyond 15 minutes

If you view a video in the Dropbox web page then it will play only the first 15 minutes—to see more than the first 15 minutes you need to download it and view it on your device, for example with QuickTime if on a Mac.

This is simply a limitation Dropbox applies, more from Dropbox here.

New 'All' users items

At the end of your table of contents you will now see one or more items marked with a circular 'All' label—these items are provided to all registered users.

Dropbox comments not in use

Tue 5 Jul 2016, when logged in and accessing files, please do not use the Dropbox comment facility as it is not monitored.

New video

Thu 22 Oct 2015, a new video was added to the help page. Listed under How do I view or download files?A quick video intro it provides a quick tour covering accessing a collection of files and downloading & viewing files.

Tip: FAQs build

On the help page most FAQs follow on from each other, so to help understand an FAQ it can sometimes be helpful to read one or two that precede it.